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Security. Efficiency. Convenience.
From a technology company you can trust !

Gantner Electronics Pty Ltd is the Australian subsidiary of Gantner Electronic GmbH in Schruns-Austria. Gantner is a world leader in smart locking solutions. Central to our offering is "contactless smart chip" technology, also known as, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

  • Beware of system solutions that are not specifically designed for the intended purpose.
  • Beware of system providers who are not qualified and licensed to design and deploy networked control systems.

Gantner Electronics Pty Ltd is a proven specialist provider of networked integrated control systems incorporating state of the art RFID technology.

At Gantner we don't resell the technology of other companies we design and manufacture our own software and hardware. You can be confident as we design and deploy our technology in your business.

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