The GAT Relaxx Lock Administration Software is a user friendly platform

providing easy management of hardwired locker installations large or small.


Each lock in the installation is represented in a colour coded graphic.

The colour of the graphic indicates the status of each lock.


If a lock is forced open without the use of an authorised smartcard or band an audible and visual alarm will be actioned via the Administration Software.


The software allows an authorised user to clear alarms and remotely open locks.

The software provides comprehensive reporting of all locking / unlocking and system events.

Every event is stored in a database and is available for reporting.

Installations can be setup for "Personal Locker Mode" where a specific locker is allocated to a particular person(s) or "Free Locker Mode" where a person with an authorised smartcard or band can use any available locker. Systems can also be configured for a mixture of the operational modes to any combination required.


The GAT Relaxx Lock Administration Software can configured to receive user data and operating commands from other systems. Please contact our office if you require information on the comprehensive system interface options we have available.